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Check out our new Beta Preview called...



Current Projects:

Genteel Gentile - In this narrative driven fiction, the ordinary world is not as ordinary as we like to admit and as dangerous as we choose to accept... In this world, in his world, the world of shadows and skullduggery he is the Posit of Peace. He is the Harbinger of Hell Fury, the Geometry of Justice, and the Rectifier of Wrongdoings. He is the Genteel Gentile, Servant of Light, Defender of Truth, and Amplifier of the American Way.

Magellan - “I hope the library is quiet, yielding a profitable work environment,” says Magellan, a smart young man with a heady sense of his surroundings. He is socially awkward and he keeps to himself.  He is rarely seen with a companion.  He is a college professor and a student getting his Doctorate at the local state university in this narrative driven game.

The Longest Pilgrimage - A narrative of two children. These two children are found in the middle of nowhere. They wandered to a remote farmhouse and were found to be meager and barely alive. Care is given to them and they are fed. These children are feral. They smell horrible and appear to not have been bathed in some time. What is discovered later, in this homage to the scientific method, is that these two human children come from the extraterrestrials inhabiting earth’s skyscape. Once the children grow up and are socialized the pieces of their history come together in remarkable lucidity. The whole concept is a foreign narrative relative to the study done of them as subjects of observation by scientists trying to piece together their history. The scientists are able to gain greater insights as the children grow up and are socialized on earth. The children are taught things that they weren't taught while guests of the extraterrestrials. Science mastering the beast through the domicile of intelligence. The fabric of space, silver sequins adorn deep purple to flat navy stitch, travelers of the brilliant black onyx kiss. Soot dark sky in trance covered by firefly dance, celestial balls a glow in infinite expanse. To quote Johnny Cash "Well, you may throw your rock, hide your hand. Workin' in the dark against your fellow man, but as sure as God made black and white. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.” 

Lunar Operation - A narrative driven game in which the goal is to Launch a successful succession of Missions to Claim the overall Goal of creating and sustaining a Permanent Liveable Habitat on our Moon and then eventually Launch the same Operations on other Lunar habitats.

Leich - In this narrative a man who fanatically sews hem tags on garments that he purchases from thrift stores and then donates these items back to thrift stores around the United States. He does this for two decades. He has cult fanatics for his selective choices for hem tags. These collectors find each other upon the advent of second hand sales websites. Leich is a highly sought after commodity among vintage clothing circles. This is the story of Leich.

Fiberzine - This is a narrative driven game about the laying of Fiber communications throughout the World. The aim is to lay as much fiber as can be laid throughout the U.S. and abroad without interruption, sedation, or sedentary events, as well as, a host of other factors not mentioned. The overall goal is to be a global communications mogul and pioneer of future tech.

Ethnos - A narrative of destiny and kismet. In this sci-fi adventure a future Utopian society’s government inserts 

Program: Danger Illustrated into Signals, an electrical construct permeating throughout all known existence. This construct was created by the only known Alien race, the Greys. The construct, signals, monitors and disseminates data to Earth, as well as the known cosmos, aiding in its cultivation. Signals are in control of reality as it is understood. All of reality. 

Herbth One - A sci-fi comedy about a planet in which cannabis is the number one cash crop... It is set in the future when human beings have Universa-formed, the name given to the colonization of the known universe. This is a Late Night Stoner Comedy that is sure to become a cult favorite. "A Place Where the Greener Grass Grows. Live beyond Earth One. Vacation at Herbth One. Arriving late? Don't worry we'll leave the grow light on for you." Herbth is a play on Earth and Herb combined. Who would have guessed, right?